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This is the second design for the otafest art contest. I love drawing wings so this was fun. I didnt like how the sickle looks a bit warped but I ran out of time. Oh well.
Persephone1-Art contest
This is a submission for an otafest art contest, based on Persephone, who is akin to the angel of death. The contest calls for a military outfit so here it is!
Angel-Bat: First Meeting
This is Iara's third and final incarnation, as played on darkspires mush. Originally designed as a mutant, I loved the bat theme and changed her into a bat shifter and grand-daughter of Camazotz, the death bat deity who may be either a god or a demon. This picture depicts her first scene on the game after idling for a couple of months and on the verge of giving up a third time and quitting. One day while hunting, she met an angel, Abdiel. Being deeply religious in spite of her vampiric tendencies, she was instantly smitten by the angel. Interesting things were bound to follow. Kudos and thanks to Abdiel-player for actually getting me interested in the game <3
Iara Origins
Iara is a bat winged mutant criminal who has had at least three incarnations. Originally played on a couple of xmen/marvel mu*s, she never quite got off the ground as both mu*s were rather inactive. still, being a bat lover, I liked the concept of a bat mutant, and kept her in the back on my mind..


Not much to say..A melancholy artist, scientist and musician with big dreams..Most of my artwork is inspired by characters I have created or role played with on various MU*s throughout the years.
Okay, I'm a major Noob to this whole deviantart thingamajig, so I'm just learning the ropes 'n stuff. Firstly, I'm having trouble adding more than those two pics to my gallery. It says they were loaded by I cant seem to view them at all! Help? :O


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orinocou Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, thanks for watching me!!
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lovely artwork and gallery!
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^^ your gallery is relly nice :clap:

MFG TheAnimelord
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Hey! Thanks for the +Devwatch and welcome to the family! I love your art of Mistress Juno there. She's wicked. I shall be watching you in return. :)
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Hey! Nice drawings! Welcome to DA ;)
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Thanks ;)
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